Why Consider It?

IGCSE is one of the world’s most popular international qualification, it’s your getaway  to higher education or professional studies in  your home country or overseas. Students who seek a change would prefer studying the IGCSE System, because they feel that it’s their ticket to a better education and a chance to be different.

Starting off, IG students would have the option to choose their desired subjects and study them with deepness. Aside from the obligatory subjects that are required by all unis, the student get to choose only the subjects that he’s interested in, which gives the candidates the chance to enjoy their studies and do something they actually like, consequently studying won’t be as hectic and demanding as always. Furthermore, IG system does not only give you one chance it provides you with many chances as you can retake the exam more than once. Not only that, but also remark the exam and check if there were any errors regarding the correction.

IG system allows the student to get out of their bubble and think outside the box, not only memorizing a bunch of rules that he would eventually forget, but they get to learn information that will actually help them in their real  life. This point motivate students to study harder and fathom the topic better as he’s visualizing what he’s reading and relating it to real life.

Some people believe that students who choose  IG are giving up on their actual teenage life, but here’s the thing, it’s not about studying 24/7, it all lies in the strategy and plan of your studying, the more you focus and get things done immediately  then you’ll have  the rest of the time for yourself.

Regarding universities, the AL will prepare you for college, if your AL is related to the field that you want to major in, so simply first part of college would be easy to grasp as you already took these things in highschool, undoubtedly there will be more details but atleast you’ll  know the basics .consequently, this chance would make university which is a whole new phase in your life a bit bearable.

In a nutshell , when you write in your CV that you’re an IG student it gives you a lot of credit, and increases the chance of you getting employed. IG students have the opportunity to choose from a large range of fields.

Of course, IG would have an impact on your personality! You become more responsible, independent,   a grown up, and have a strategic mindset . which is a blessing as a lot of people become aquainted with these traits only when they grow up.


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