The IG Club is an education service provider for UK School Qualifications  students located in MENA mostly among other regions.
The IG Club has been launched in 2012 by it’s founder Noor El Din El Mahallawi to serve UK School Qualifications students and parents with academic matters.
The IG Club Ltd is registered in Egypt and UK.

About The IG Club


We want to provide parents and students  with all the guidance needed to prepare them to the IGCSE journey and during their IGCSE journey. We prepare students for their university either it's public,private or even in studying abroad. Our services includes academic counselling,study abroad services,English courses,IELTS/PTE registration &preparation courses,IGCSE,AS&AL courses and extracurricular activities.


Our aim to stay ahead as the leading consultancy for the IGCSE system and expand our services not only in the MENA region but globally too so we can help larger number of students and parents amd building IGCSE community worldwide.

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