French University

Université Française d’Égypte (UFE)


Established in 2002
– 1500+ graduates
– We are a national university established as a result of bilateral agreement between the
Egyptian and French governments. 
– UFE brings a consortium of French universities that offer French undergraduate and
graduate degree programs.
– Our partnership with the French universities means we teach their curriculum, our
students are registered as their students and they get international certificate from our
partner universities.
– We have partnership agreements with 7 French universities. Each university for each
major offered in UFE.
– UFE degrees are accredited not only in France but in whole Europe and in Egypt.
– We used to teach in French till 3 years ago we switched into English. All our partner
universities have English track.

– The Language of teaching is English not French.
– French is taken as a side language.
– We teach French from the beginning. You do not have to know any French at all .
– It is not among the university requirements.


  • The Ministries of Higher Education in France and Egypt
  • The French Embassy
  • The French Institute
  • The French Development Agency (AFD)
  • The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt


  1. University of Haute-Alsace
  2. Sorbonne Nouvelle University
  3. INSA of Strasbourg
  4. University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  5. Nantes University
  6. Sciences Po Grenoble
  7. Compiègne University of Technology
  8. University of Franche-Comté
  9. CY Université

The list is constantly growing.


  • Engineering
    • Architectural Engineering in collaboration with National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Strasbourg
    • Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with University of Haute Alsace
    • Computer Engineering in collaboration with Université de Haute Alsace et Université Technologique de Compiègne
  • Applied Languages in collaboration with Sorbonne Nouvelle
    • International Business & Commerce
    • Translation
  • Business Administration 
    • Economics & Management 
    • Tourism & Hospitability Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Information Systems (BIS)

Admission Requirements:

For Business: 8 IGCSEs including English

For Applied Languages: 8 IGCSEs including English and a foreign language

For Engineering majors: 8 IGCSEs including English,Math,Physics & Chemistry + Maths AS

3-year Degrees Offered:

1)Applied Languages:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages – International Trade – Université


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management – Nantes University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management – University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne – Opening September 2023

4 years Degrees Offered:

For Mechanical and Computer Engineering, if you have studied the 5th year, you’ll have a Masters degree from France


  • Baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering and Master in Mechatronics – University of Haute Alsace
  • Baccalaureate in Computer Science Engineering and Master of Computer Science, Computer Science and Mobility – University of Haute Alsace (UHA)
  • Baccalaureate in Computer Science Engineering and Master in Interdisciplinary and Innovative Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science – Université Technologique de Compiègne (UTC)
  • Baccalaureate in Computer Science Engineering and Master’s Degree in Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automation, Industrial Automation and Computer Science – Embedded Systems (AII-SE) – University of Upper Alsace (UHA)
  • Baccalaureate in Computer Science Engineering and Master in Complex Systems, Embedded Systems and Robotics – Université Technologique de Compiègne (UTC)


  • Engineering:
    • 8 OLs including English, Maths, Physics & Chemistry + Maths AS/AL
  • Business & Applied Languages
    • 8 OLs including English & Math, minimum grade: C

At UFE, the minimum accepted language score is B1 in French or English. If you have an international high school certificate such as IGCSE, SAT or BACC, you don’t have to take an exam. For Egyptian general high school certificate (Thanaweya Ama), you will be have to produce a certification of language level.

Tuition Fees:

Faculty of Engineering

135000 EGP per year

Faculty of Business

125000 EGP per year

Faculty of Applied Language

115000 EGP per year


  • Merit Scholarships


Thanwya Amma

International Certificates

75% and above



80% and above



90% and above



95% and above

100% (full scholarship)



  • Sports Scholarships


Ranking (national/international)

Individual sport

Group sports



1st rank

Full scholarship

Full scholarship

Full scholarship (1 place) for group sports


2nd rank





3rd rank




  • School discounts : between 15% to 20% and stays with the student for all the academic years
  • Military/police discount: 15% for all academic years
  • Sibling discount : 5%
  • We add up scholarships & discounts with a ceiling of 35%

Admissions Steps:

Click on Apply now and we will help you in the application process

 Early Admission

  • Early admission is open till May 31st .
  • Application fees is 1000 EGP
  • Early bird discount of 20,000 EGP to be discounted from first year fees.
  • A deposit of 10,000 EGP is paid to reserve a place and is fully refundable till August 15th

Contact Details:

Address: 21 Ismailia Desert Road Ville Shorouk, Le Caire
 Telephone: 17054


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