How to get my Edexcel results onlineTO IGCSE

Getting your Edexcel Results online will save you time and effort, so that you can know your result once they are posted and avoid long waiting times and calling your school and dozens of colleagues.

Getting your results online will be using the Edexcel ResultsPlus Direct service.

You will need your login details, provided by  your school, so you need to contact your school as soon as possible when you read this post.

Setting up your account

Your exams officer or teacher can tell you whether your school or college has chosen to register you for this service.

If you haven’t been registered, don’t worry, you can still collect your results from your school or college in the normal way.

If your school or college has registered you, then you’ll need to validate your account to use ResultsPlus Direct. Once you’ve validated your account, we’ll send you a username and password so you can log in.


To validate your account, you should either enter the verification code given to you by your exams officer or teacher


Find the welcome email we’ve sent you from (please check your junk folder) and follow the instructions in the email.

Click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link on the login screen below the ‘Change password’ button. Type the email address you registered with into the ‘username’ field in the pop-up window that appears. A new password will be emailed to you.

If during the password reset you submit the wrong security details three times, your account will be locked. If this happens, please ask your exams officer to unlock your account.


If you’ve not received your password yet, try requesting a new one by clicking on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link on the login screen and keying in your email address. Please also check your junk mail folder, as passwords are sent using an automated service and may be perceived as spam.

Information Source: Pearson Edexcel Official website (Click here)

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