ACU is committed to prepare young youths from Egypt and abroad to be leaders and qualified to meet requirements of the new global system. They are prepared to be responsible citizens, having social and ethical responsiveness in the global knowledge society.

  1. ACU Admission Procedures:
    • Online application, evaluation and investigation of high school certificates.
      N.B. Each applicant will receive an application number, according to the printed number on the application form. Online applicants will be informed about their application number.
    • Submission of original documents upon notification of provisional admission.
    • Decision of Tuition fees category.
    • Payment of Tuition fees and receiving ID.
    • Payment of Bus fees, if applicable (fees are for one year).
  2. English Language Placement Test (ELPT):
    • Each provisionally admitted student will receive an e-mail informing the student about exact date of the (ELPT).
    • The student has to pay 600 L.E as test fees – non refundable. (ELPT) is made of 3 sessions: reading, writing and language use. This test determines the standard of proficiency of English Language of the student, since lectures are given in English. Also, English text books are used.
    • Those who do not pass (ELPT) are given a second chance to repeat the test only one more time for free during (ELPT) complementary session.
    • Those who do not pass (ELPT) twice will study (Lang 100) for a whole semester.
    • British, US and Canadian Citizen students are exempted from setting for (ELPT).
  3. Provisional and Final Registration :
    • Provisionally admitted students have to complete their files by submitting original documents.
    • Payment of Tuition fees should strictly be done by the applicant through the payment order  issued to the National Bank of Egypt, (ACU branch or any other branch) before the deadline issued by ACU.
    • The student should return the bank deposit slip to ACU Student Financial Affairs Office within the fixed due date.
    • Tuition fees have to be paid in US Dollars for Non-Egyptian students according to announced bank rates of exchange.
  4. Issue of Student ID
    • ID is issued upon submittal of Bank Deposit Slip to Student Financial Affairs Office.
    • No student will set for (ELPT) unless he / she receives the ID with a recent photo. This may be done on the same day of (ELPT).
    • No student will receive text books unless he/she has the ID.


  • Passing 8 O-level subjects.
  • Minimum Grade accepted in O-Level subject is “C”.
  • More subjects can be counted in the GPA collections but the subjects should be A or AS level as follows: 2 AL Subjects or 1 AL subject +2 ASL Subjects or 4 ASL subjects.
  • MinimumGrade accepted in AL or ASL subject is “E”.
  • AL or ASL Math is required to join Faculty of Computer Science & IT.
  • Accepted number of sittings is 5 (taken during not more than 3 successive years).
  • IGCSE subjects obtained from Egypt or Arab Countries should be of the extended, not of the core system.
  • Regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education
  • All Students who have an Egyptian nationality holding Foreign High School Certificates and who did not take Thanaweya Amma Arabic Language and Religion exams during their high schools Must sit for and obtain a passing grade in the Thanaweya Amma Arabic Language and Religion exams before graduation from the University. The student has to complete 12 years of study (3year after preparatory School or 6 year after Primary School).

Tuition Fees Payment System for ACU Faculties during Academic Year 2018/2019

And Withdrawal Policy

ACU Tuition fees, Discounts, Scholar-Ships, Withdrawals & Discounts granted to ACU Students during Academic Year 2018/2019

I- Tuition Fees


Fees (Egyptian Students)Fees (Non-Egyptian Students )










Business &Economics



Mass Communication (English Section)


Mass Communication (Arabic Section)



Computer Science30,000


A-  Tuition fees are determined according to the total grade of secondary school certificates and equivalent certificates, and the above-mention categories that are granted special discounts (Egyptian students only).(*) Tuition fees can be paid for non Egyptian students in Dollar or equivalent in Euro or Pound Sterling.Annual Tuition Fees:

B- The student who will be late in payment of his fees will be charged 1% per week for all or part of tuition fees, the deadlines of payment of fees is October 15th for Fall semester andMarch 15th for the Spring semester annually, as for the summer semester delaying in payment of fees is not allowed. ( after one week of the class beginning for the summer semester.)

C- Student will pay the same Tuition Fees according to the financial by-laws that were applied when he enrolled in ACU (i.e. without any increase or discount in fees) until he graduates from ACU.

Grants of Excellency for continuing students (All Faculties):

Excellent continuing Students will be granted the following extra discounts:

Students with GPA 3.5 – 3.7 will be granted extra 3 % of the tuition fees only.

Students with GPA 3.7 and more will be granted 5% of the tuition fees only.

It should be noted that the maximum discounts should not exceed 50% of the tuition fees; provided that the student maintained his accumulated GPA.

II- Withdrawal:

A- Early registration is available at ACU throughout the year by filling the application form for 600 L.E. (non-refundable), the final enrollment will be announced after submitting all the required documents, and payment of tuition fees.

B- For withdrawal from ACU and re-imbursement of tuition fees a form should be filled by the student or guardian. The application form fees is un-refundable. Within one month of the date of submitting the withdrawal form a check will be issued with the amount that should be refunded to the student after deducting administrative expenses as follows:

a. (L.E. 3000) will be deducted for administrative expenses in addition to the application form fees(L.E.500) thus in case of withdrawal before August 31st for the Fall semester, or before February 1st for the Spring semester.

b. (L.E.5000) will be deducted for administrative expenses in addition to the application form fees(L.E.500) thus in case of withdrawal starting September 1stand until the beginning of Fall semester, or starting February 1st and until the beginning of Spring semester.

c. 35% of semester tuition fees will be deducted in case of withdrawal starting from the date of the beginning of classes and for three weeks only for both Fall semester and Spring semester. Any text book should be delivered to ACU in a very good condition.

d. No tuition fees will be refunded in case of withdrawal after three weeks of beginning of classes for both semesters. Any textbook should be delivered to ACU in a very good condition.

e. Students are not allowed to attend classes after the date specified in ACU Calendar unless he has paid his tuition fees or has reasons approved by the Administration.

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