10 Points to choose your School​

Ten things to look for when choosing an IGCSE School for your daughter/son:
1-      The school should be affiliated with the British Council. (Take a look at this list and find the school you which to apply to)
2-      Check for the availability of qualified and certified teachers for most of the subjects offered by both examination boards.
3-      Search for the school which provides wider range of subjects which is taught in both boards of examinations, as this will make your choices easier when it comes to selecting elective subjects in year 11 and 12.
4-      Find a school that has privileges in some private universities which means discounts for their graduates. That might be useful.
5-      Look for a school which has an experienced school principal and coordinator for the IGCSE department as this coordinator will be your academic adviser throughout your academic years
6-      It is useful to find a school that provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities and sports programmes. It is a marathon and your child needs refreshments every now and then and practicing it through school is much safer.
7-      Look for a school which has office hours for each teacher where students can ask questions about the subject after class hours or if they need further ex
Schools which have teachers who can dedicate some time to offer more guidance to the students who needs further explanation
8-      A school should have strict guideline applied on all students and discipline being followed is must. (It is the most critical phase of teenagers’ life and we don’t want them to get influenced by bad behaviour.)
9-      Following up with the students’ classwork and updating their parents with the students’ academic  performance
10-  Last but never the least, school should provide the students with textbooks endorsed from both Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel ( Course books are extremely beneficial)

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