ExploreX is offering the most cutting-edge approach to learning through job  shadowing in a miniature metropolis for any high school student seeking  guidance on major choices and potential career paths.
EX 2022 is a place where theory meets practice, and students can leave with a sense of added worth and influence. Students will meet universities, service providers, Trainers, professionals, mentors, and coaches in ExploreX through stage speeches, presentations, discussion panels, and one-on-one mentoring sessions in order to get a complete picture of their future. It is one of the
most progressive entertainment concepts of the event in Egypt today,
fueled by equal parts fun and study.



Every career is brought to life in a hyper-realistic interactive metropolis designed to mix inspiration, entertainment, and learning through job shadowing. This is the point when the city comes to life. Each event is designed to encourage high school students and install confidence in them so they can pursue the career of their dreams. In this atmosphere, a variety of activities are carried out. The establishments' architecture takes into account the relevant characteristics of job shadowing in each sector, in a setting that is specifically intended to adapt to the thematic components of each type of activity.


Undergraduate students are introduced to potential vocations through the Job Shadowing program, which allows them to follow business experts mentors and study their daily routines and activities for one full day. Students can explore various careers by allowing them to experience them firsthand to gain a better understanding of what they are like in the real world and to network with professionals in the field who can help them prepare for their career goals.


ExploreX Land is designed to simulate the feeling of embarking on a journey. A prominent square in the land core institutional buildings and where will the tech stage be created and where will the conversations be held on. As well as entry and exit, The streets The streets are on the ground floor of Explore X's farthest reaches. It usually accommodates single-story booths. The Explore X streets sections are symbolic of the most booming majors and professions that contribute to a thriving economy in a traditional city. These streets sectors are divided into various booths that represent college minors. Establishments are complemented by the addition of Points of Sale where visitors can find a wide range of food and beverages as well as merchandising and media coverage offering photos and videos to remember the Explore x experience



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